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Welcome to our page! We are the TU/e sensing team (T.E.S.T.) representing the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) in the 2021 SensUs competition. This is a yearly international student competition on engineering rapid biosensors. Our multidisciplinary team consists of nine TU/e students, including first-, second- and third-year bachelor Medical Science and Technology and Biomedical Technology students, and first-year master Biomedical Engineering students. We all come from different backgrounds, with our own interests and goals, and we will make sure to be a synergistic team ready to compete and contribute to an improvement of people’s quality of life. This competition allows us to put our theoretical knowledge to the test and apply it to real-life societal problems, engineering an efficient, affordable and easy-to-use biosensor with translational potential for the commercial market.

On the 3rd of September 2021, our team competes with others to detect the acute respiratory virus influenza A. Influenza viruses are known to mutate quickly,contributing to  pandemic-type situations in society sooner rather than later. As we have seen in the current pandemic, rapid testing of patients is crucial to contain the spread of viruses. Therefore, we are excited to be part of the innovations in biosensors helping to prepare for future pandemics!

  • Correlation Scatter
  • Measured Biosensor Signal
  • Time To Result
  • Sample Volume
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