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The team consists of highly motivated and optimistic people: physicist, electrical engineers, and medical student. Our main goal is to make a biosensor and present it. Also, we aim to become a good team this year, share our experience, and study an exciting topic. 

As we prepare ourselves for the competition, we want to dive into how the biomarker can improve diagnostics and treatment and develop a technical solution accordingly. 

The main motive of our team is not just to make a profit from the model and participate in the competition but also to make our sensor available to all the patients who need it. That is why we are looking for a cheap and robust solution.

  • Correlation Scatter
  • Measured Biosensor Signal
  • Time To Result
  • Sample Volume

No measurements yet.

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For more information regarding our project and future plans, please contact the undersigned:

Email: ID-contact@aixsense.net
Website: www.aixsense.net

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