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Welcome to TwentUS ’22 digital page. We are multidisciplinary team from two universities: Saxion University of Applied Sciences and University of Twente, located in the eastern part of the Netherlands. Our team consists of 10 people from different countries: Spain, the Netherlands, China and Ukraine. Every team member has a different background, culture, study program, field of interest, however, together we are dealing with one world-wide problem – Sepsis. According to statistics, about 45 million people are affected by sepsis and approximately 10 million of cases are lethal. We can’t stand aside and hope that global medical organizations will solve such a critical problem. Our main motivation for participating in the competition is to help people all over the world and future generations against this terrible blood disease. Our team is going to develop a biosensor for fast sepsis detection, that will allow doctors to perform actions immediately based on the results of patient’s test. With number of lab tests, deep theoretical research, cooperation with partners and institute of nanotechnology MESA+ and a clinical translation for the commercial market we are going to bring our ideas to life.

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