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We are team DeTectUs, from the Technical University of Denmark, an international group of students from different disciplines such as Biotechnology, Physics, Nanotechnology and Biomedicine. Our backgrounds may be different, but our goal is shared: To develop an Influenza A biosensor to contribute to the fight against this disease and against future pandemics.

We have divided our team into three different sub-teams: Bio, Physics and Management. The two co-captains, along with Management, bring together this team of 12 driven students. We all contribute with knowledge and development ideas from our own areas of expertise, but we also enjoy tackling new challenges, exploiting the interdisciplinarity of the project for personal and shared growth. We find motivation in contributing to the progress of science that can help save lives. We work hard and with passion, but we never forget to have fun (in a corona-friendly way for the time being).

We are looking forward to developing the best version of our biosensor and see what other teams can bring to the table. We aim high for this project and we envision to realize a concept that may eventually be spun into a start-up. We are thrilled to be able to travel to Eindhoven and meet all of the other teams and have an educational and all-over enriching experience.

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