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Supervisor: Prof. Winnie Svendsen

DeTectUs is a team of highly motivated bachelor and master students from DTU. The backgrounds of the team members are quite diverse and include amongst others healthcare engineering, physics and nanotechnology, pharmaceutical engineering, biotechnology, computer sciences and human-centered artificial intelligence.

While all of us are determined to contribute with their skills to the development of a valproate biosensor, the motivation for participating in the competition varies. Some want to gain a more practical knowledge about their field of expertise, some want to tackle a real-life task and work on a project all the way from an initial idea to a finished prototype, whereas others are curious to learn more about other professions. Together, we want to use our skills to create a product that helps to improve the quality of life of epilepsy patients.

We are looking forward to challenge ourselves, work in an interdisciplinary team, have fun along the way and evolve professionally and personally during this competition!


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